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A Woman’s Journey

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated our Initiation for the ninth class of Woman at Nyack College!

Part of the Initiation involved the leaders sharing their stories of embracing their own womanhood. Our Alumnae Coordinator, Rebecca Cheung wrote hers out–BEAUTIFUL! She’s let me share it below:

I didn’t know that I was fighting myself
Woman revealed lies I didn’t know I was listening to
Lies that told me, “It’s not enough to be a woman.  You need to be a man too.”
Lies that said “I have to white to be chosen, to be seen.”
I kept living in this tension of being me and being someone else.
I kept fighting between being enough and needing to do more (and more and more)
I needed to be strong and manly, I needed to stand out
They weren’t going to accept me until I proved that I could do it just like them and better
But when I understood my limits and honored those boundaries
When I accepted my figure and my scars
When I saw the beauty in my journey and gave grace to my flaws
That’s when I embraced my woman-ness
It’s realizing I don’t need to be like a man.
I don’t need to take on more responsibilities or play a role that a man plays.
I mean, on top of Every.  Thing.  Else.  I had to do as a woman?
No.  (big breath) I just had to be me.
I could be a leader.  Strong and decisive.  
I could lead gently and with heart.
I could have emotions.
I could shed tears.
I could have a difference of opinion or even a different perspective.
It’s knowing there’s nothing wrong with a touch of woman-ness
Didn’t even realize giving ear to those lies painted my God with a limited heart and love withheld from me
But when I did think of Him, it gave the Spirit a chance to remind me that
He didn’t create woman to be hindered or trampled on or silenced, no.
Woman was the crown of creation.  
It was His joy to create me 
And it is His joy when I am me, unhindered.
It is His joy when I take my place beside my brothers and my sisters.
It is His joy when I let my voice be heard, not silenced.
So I will honor myself and faithfully live in the boundary of woman
Joyfully live.  Freely live. 
A woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a leader.
Past, present and future. 
Letting go of childish ways in the way I think and act
Stop wishing I was white and celebrate that I am a Hmong woman!
And instead of seeing motherhood as a chore I don’t want to do, live with joy the honor of being like the servant of all.
It’s a life long journey with many more chances to make the choice (that)
Embracing me is embracing my womanhood
About the Author
Rebecca graduated from Nyack College in 2005 with a BS in Pastoral Ministry.  She has a heart to disciple, teach God’s word, lead worship with her husband, and develop the next generation of leaders.  She enjoys having deep conversations about life and Jesus and understanding the heart.  She loves to travel, see sights, discover new eats and experience different cultures.  Some of her favorite cities include NYC, Boston, San Diego, Hong Kong and Bangkok.  She highly recommends grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and Wegmans whether for food or some personal ministry time.  She is currently in Nyack, NY as a stay at home mom to three beautiful children (who drive her crazy but she’ll keep) and will be celebrating 10 years of marriage in November.
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