Dark, Dull Outlook?

There’s a tree on campus, pictured here by the gazebo. It has a beautiful, mysterious look all summer, and then it gets dark and dull. Every time, I’m afraid it won’t become a blazing red like the chairs in front. I love the blazing red–it’s an autumn highlight for me!

Every Time, I wonder.

Every Time, I get a little sad.

Every Time, I watch daily to see signs of hope. . . 

And Every Time, it blazes RED! A bright, luxurious, inviting, amazing RED that I could stare at for hours. 

Every Time, I’m happy.

Every Time my life‘s been mysterious, and then looks dark and dull, though, I don’t hope very well. 

I don’t wonder if there’s good. . . I assume the worst.

I don’t get a little sad. . . I get depressed.

I don’t watch daily to see signs of hope. . . I try not to watch too much because I don’t want to be disappointed again and again.

I can’t say that the dark and dull of life is always replaced by an exciting red, but I can say that it usually is, often after waiting.

Maybe my memory of what usually happens can help me hope on this #Murky Monday.

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