Desire. Engagement. Failure. God.

My story of relationship failure is about to be published in the book Everbloom: Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives.

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it.

Everbloom is a book containing the personal stories of female authors who form the group Redbud Writers Guild. It will be released on April 25.

But, as a preview, Redbud has published an excerpt of my essay.

When I read it online, in “black and white,” so to speak, I felt a little bare and exposed.

I prefer to share success stories.

I prefer to share the good and not the bad.

But this story is about wanting and not getting, it's about failing, it's about a really hard time. Click To Tweet

I realize that not everyone knows the film Jerry Maguire, but for those who do, this scene is unforgettable: 

“You had me at ‘Hello'” and “You complete me” were quoted for a long while after the movie was released. And my title for the essay in Everbloom is “When I Wanted Someone to Complete Me.”

I lived in Paraguay in my early twenties. There, dating and marriage was about finding one’s “media naranja,” the other half of your orange; I’m only half an orange when I’m alone. 

Well, the road to my husband was long and circuitous, but he’s not my “media naranja.” Click here to go to my excerpt at Redbud Writers’ Guild and find out why.

The road to my husband was long and circuitous, but he's not my media naranja. Click To Tweet

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