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Emmaline Kempf

“One way that The Book of Womanhood changed my life is on the topic of loneliness. I’m an introvert who likes her alone time, but still needs people and enjoys company. I struggle with loneliness when I want to be with people but everyone had their own plans and I’m left at home.

This is especially the case with my siblings when I come home from school so excited to see them and no one’s home.

I learned that feeling lonely isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s ok to be lonely because it shows my need for community.

But when I take that loneliness and wallow in it, that’s when things get not so fun.

Instead, I’ve learned to take those times of loneliness and make the most out of them. Doing things that I like to do by myself and get fun projects done. I learned to make the most use of those times, not denying my pain, but not letting the time go to waste.”

Emmaline Kempf. 23. Caucasian. Music Educator.

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