Freeze My Eggs

She recommended I freeze my eggs.

I was 35, very single, and my gynecologist told me to freeze.

I considered it.

I’d always wanted a baby, and I didn’t want to miss my chance. I’d also always wanted a husband, and that wasn’t guaranteed.

So, I considered freezing. She told me it was only about $6000.


And there were no guarantees. Of good eggs, a baby, or for that matter, a husband. Click To Tweet

I couldn’t afford that. I couldn’t afford the technology to help me have a baby in the future.

But if I want to stop having babies, that’s free. It’s every woman’s right to not have a baby if she doesn’t want to, even after she’s conceived.

On the other side, then, why isn’t it every woman’s right to have a baby?

Now, I realize that there’s more going on here than that bare question. Many have ethical questions when we think about single women, lesbians, or women in other circumstances who want to have babies in our society. Many have ethical questions concerning the technology used in these cases. But can we simply ask the question?

Why can I freely prevent conception and yet if I’m infertile only conceive at great personal cost? Click To Tweet

Last fall, Intel joined Apple and Facebook to cover the cost of egg freezing for their employees, and NPR ran a story on it. It reminded me of the time I was encouraged to freeze.

We don’t know who will use coverage, but regardless of their marital state, it’s offered. For all, its purpose is to delay childbearing, regardless of whether the woman has a partner, or even desires one for her child.

In many senses, I applaud these technology companies for their coverage. In other senses it brings up many other questions that we can chat about next week.


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4 thoughts on “Freeze My Eggs

  1. I just tweeted:
    Free to be, who I am and let you be who you are, takes great courage and compassion ask the Great I AM! I believe God gave us free choice and it does take women and men to raise good and God concerned questions. For one who haas studied much in Hebrew and Christian traditions once we can get over our prejudices, our positions, and our projections we become more the people of God. God called us to love people all people regardless of anything, my job. The Holy Spirit’s job is to convict the world concerning their sin. I do not think the Holy Spirit needs anyone’s help but people who struggle do need our help not as judges, adjudicators, or directors but as people of courage and compassion. In the words of the great theologian, Bill Belichik: “Do your job”!
    PS Nice graphic

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