Stop Hiding Your Femininity. God is Feminine, Too.

Someday, I will get to the Vatican. I just know it. I’ll stroll through St. Peter’s square, tour the museum, and visit the library. I’ll also pray in the Sistine Chapel, overshadowed by Michelangelo’s famous painting of a male God with flowing white hair, a long beard, and a muscular body.

Historical artistic depictions portray a masculine God, but if both men and women are in the image of God, does it follow that there is also a feminine nature within God?

I’m over at Redbud Writers’ Guild today, embracing the feminine nature of God. To see the rest of the post, click here!

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1 thought on “Stop Hiding Your Femininity. God is Feminine, Too.

  1. The prayer is that we as Christians today will be creative with our metaphors, allowing change and differentiation in them to broaden our limited comprehension of the Almighty.

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