Rite of Passage Testimonials

Heather Garcia, Mentor

I have been honored to walk with several women who have gone through Amy Davis Abdallah’s Woman Rites of Passage program at Nyack College. 

I love mentoring women throughout this program because it is truly amazing to watch how God uses it to transform girls into godly women before my very eyes. 

Her emphasis on drawing out a woman’s relationship with God, self, others and creation has challenged me personally and also developed a process of discovery that makes mentoring women feel like an adventure, or a treasure hunt! 

Amy offers clear guidelines, tremendous support, and beautiful ceremonies where you can actually see the fruit of your labor of love.  It is amazing to see a group of confident, world-changing women gather together at the end of the year to present what the Lord has done.  I am grateful to be able to be part of Woman and have the gift of seeing God at work in my life, as these women change me too, and especially the lives of others!


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