New Year Hope

2015 was a year of survival for me.

When New Year’s rolled around a year ago, I made no resolutions—just hoped to survive the first year of my baby’s life, the transition back to work, the changes in my marriage and family, the freezing cold winter. I was still up several times a night and was dealing with mommy-guilt about going back to work—I felt overwhelmed and powerless.

And thank God, I survived!

I even survived last semester teaching 5 classes and launching a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Website, and The Book of Womanhood. I’m thankful that at the exhausting end of all that, I still felt connected to my husband and son.

And yet, I felt connected to no one else; even my connection to God has felt more distant.

I can’t make New Year’s resolutions. The fact we don’t simply make one, but make several goals for the year is simply too much for me! I do, however, have New Year hope.

I can't make New Year's resolutions. . . I do, however, have New Year hope! Click To Tweet

I hope that 2016 is the year for connection. I miss my friends, my family, near and far. I want to see people face to face and talk to them voice to voice, not just occasionally over email and text message.

I want to figure out connection to God in this new season. Click To Tweet

I want to feel connected to my husband and son and for us to be connected with God and others.

This is my hope for 2016. And I plan to take hopeful action!

I realize that many of you have survived much more challenging circumstances that mine this year.

What are you thanking God for? What are you hoping for?

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