Book of Womanhood Reviews

Janice Stewart Peterson

When I was a young woman, it was normal to take time to contemplate my purpose and explore my identity.

As years advanced, however, bad habits and wrong thinking went unchecked; I found myself trapped in ruts, feeling discouraged and uninspired

This is why Davis Abdallah’s book, The Book of Womanhood, is so important for women of all ages.  For me, being middle-aged, her book reminded me how to reexamine myself, relish my feminitiy and beauty, and evaluate God’s work in and through me.  

Davis Abdallah’s book celebrates what it means for me to be a woman with my unique personality, vibrant emotions, intelligence, loyalties, concerns, physical capabilities, and creative offerings. 

Here is a book that does not place more restraints, parameters and expectations on women, but sets us free and encourages us to embrace who we are becoming as we follow a loving and empowering God. 

Janice Stewart Peterson, 41, new Mom and Artist

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