Book of Womanhood Reviews

Janiece Williams

Since beginning this journey of womanhood – this discovery of self –

Dr. Davis Abdallah’s Book of Womanhood has seriously reshaped my paradigm of what it means to be a woman.

In times past I thought my womanhood was simply a gender thing – a status you attain as you, a female, enter into adulthood. However, I’m learning that my womanhood is so much more.

I’m learning to embrace, and love, and celebrate, and appreciate all of me.

And a large part of that embracing is taking care of this body, starting with blessing this body as opposed to cursing this body. The Book of Womanhood has made me realize that the things about me and my body that society has deemed nasty, unacceptable, and unimportant are beautiful and very good.

Janiece Williams, 22, African American Biblical and Theological Studies Major

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