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The Gospels do not depict any faithless women.

Think about it for a moment. . . or two. . . Can you think of any?

The Gospels do not depict any faithless women. Click To Tweet

In fact, though the gospels depict Jesus citing several faithless acts of male disciples (think Peter), no specific example exists of faithless women. Certainly, when Jesus addresses all his disciples as having little faith, women were in that number, but they are not singled out.

Though women’s past acts may not have been faith-filled (think the Samaritan woman), when Jesus interacts with them, the interactions are positive portrayals of those women.

Jesus tells the woman with the flow of blood that her faith healed her (Matt 9:22, Mark 5:34, Luke 8:48).

To the Canaanite woman who talked about dogs eating crumbs, Jesus says, “You have great faith!” (Matt 15:28)

Jesus says, “Your faith has saved you,” to the woman who anointed his feet (Luke 7:50).

And the women who were the first witnesses of the resurrection faithfully told the story.

Furthermore, though Jesus reprimands Martha for being distracted by household duties, he actually calls her out of the “female role” and into the “male role” of learning at a rabbi’s feet as a disciple.[1] And, she has great faith that he can raise her brother Lazarus from the dead the next time he visits her (John 11:20–27).

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Women are portrayed in an obviously positive manner in the gospels, and they have deep relationship with Jesus.

May we be those who follow their examples!

**This post is an adapted excerpt from The Book of Womanhood. Read more about the book here!**

[1] Keener, The IVP Bible Background Commentary, 208.

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