Rite of Passage Testimonials

Marielle Franey, Mentor

I wasn’t far into The Book of Womanhood when something resonated with me. It was like a light bulb went off when I read the part about the rites of passage boys and girls go through culturally and how defining it is as a symbol or mark of one journey transitioning to the next.  Rituals and symbols are iconic in today’s culture, and often anticipated more than living in the present. If we can just get to the next big “symbol” or “ritual” (i.e., graduation, marriage, etc..) then we feel we will have “arrived.” Reading the significance of learning as a woman what it means to grow as a daughter with her whole being really resonated with me. 
A huge reason why I enjoy being a mentor for Woman is because of reading that very profound thought for us as women. I want to help younger women go deeper, learn more about who God has called us as women, and what that looks like in their lives. I am privileged to know and walk with these women who embrace this journey.
Marielle Franey, 30, Italian, Mental Health Counselor
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