Mary, Mother of God

I’m thinking about Mary, the Mother of God.

I suppose many are thinking about her these days of Advent waiting and anticipation of Christ’s birth on Christmas. I’m remembering what it was like when I was 38 weeks pregnant and didn’t want to travel anywhere because the doctor told me not to. Shaking my head, I recall the heartburn, heat, full bladder, and uncomfortably large belly that robbed me of sleep.

And yet she traveled.

I’m thinking about Mary, the Mother of God.

I wonder what it was like to have God inside her. Historical theology has called her the Mother of God to show that Jesus was God from his human beginning, not that Mary was somehow before God.

Really, what was that like? Did that mean that she had none of the human limitations of pregnancy? No nausea, No stretch marks, No bladder pressure, No fatigue? And that Jesus was born without any pain?

I doubt it. I think it was a normal pregnancy and delivery. . . I love this song that begins, “It was not a silent night. . . “

I’m thinking about Mary, the Mother of God.

Was breastfeeding easy for her? Or did Jesus have trouble latching? I have this picture of Mary that I gazed at wonderingly last Advent. My son was three months old, and breastfeeding had been a challenge for me. Primarily because he would feed long and often—I felt like we were always attached and I wanted independence! I wondered what Jesus was like at her breast, and if she truly understood that her body was the sole sustenance for the Creator of the Universe in his humanity.

I’m thinking about Mary, the Mother of God.

Even though Joseph wasn’t his “real” Dad, how full their hearts must have been when they gazed at their firstborn! Perhaps it was the way I still gaze at my son sleeping before I go to bed. I look down, thinking and sometimes even stating, “You’re so amazing. . .” I imagine she was a great mom.

I’m thinking about Mary, the Mother of God.

And I want to be like her.

“I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.”

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