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Nathalie Alcime

The Book of Womanhood has challenged my perspective of what being a woman is.

It is the realization within herself that helps her to define who she is.

It’s how she views herself and respond to life’s challenges that help shape who she is.

The Book of Womanhood has taught me to embrace every detail of my journey, as it all builds character.

My specific transformation had to do with viewing my voice as strength. Our voice is a sentimental part of who we are, as it vocalizes our heart’s concerns and joys. For so many years, my voice had been silenced by hidden physical and verbal abuse. But, I spoke up and it made a difference in my life.

Now, speaking about my story reminds me to not compromise my existence. My worth is not built on the human opinion but on Jesus, the solid rock. My voice is the sound of my heart that sings different tunes and melodies of life- highs and the lows. But, the beautiful part about it is knowing that my music called my “life” can make a difference in someone else’s life.

Nathalie Alcime, 26, Haitian-American, Vocal Performance

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