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Thressa Irving


“A raw understanding of the multifaceted components it truly takes to thrive as a woman, that’s what’s going here. This book covers the necessity of relationship with first & foremost God, oneself, others & creation.

Each is of utmost value, but I in particular benefited most from relationship with self portion. It’s easy to make time in this day & age, for every thing & everyone but yourself. The book’s holistic coverage of relationship with self covered everything from the importance of getting quality nutrition and exercise, to discovering how you recharge, finding a creative outlet, to my personal favorite: how your menstrual cycle helps you understand yourself more than you know.

This book enlightened my life, my husband’s understanding of me, and has allowed me to inspire other women to be proudly embrace every aspect of being a woman. To this day I read the “affirmation of identity” found in the book every morning, to never let myself forget the complete joy & privilege I have, because I am woman. “

Thressa Irving, 23, Brazilian American, B.A. in Sociology


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