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Affirmation of Identity

This is the Affirmation of Identity that we state at every meeting

Here’s the text: 

We are blessed women of God, who will continue on this journey called womanhood, realizing our identity through relationship with God, self, others, and creation.

We will not stop asking the Holy Spirit to bring about deep change, receiving full understanding of ourselves in the image of God, learning and valuing the positive biblical story of women and femininity, emulating the actions and characteristics of women in Scripture, and praying in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.

We will not stop seeking to understand the rhythms of our body as positive and as an ability to give life, tending to our bodies through nutrition, exercise, and healthy sexuality, becoming aware of our personal strengths and weaknesses, and dreaming constructively about a future that is tailored to who we really are. We will continue investigating the positive influences in our heritage, learning how to live from women we respect, partnering with peers, women, and men, pursuing social justice, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, maintaining sexual purity, and investigating the freedom and equality the Gospel offers to women.

We will continue devoting ourselves not only to other humans, but to the world God has given to us, practicing Sabbath, pursuing conservation, developing creativity, and seeking to steward the earth in a way that opens possibilities for a richer life for all.


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