Woman Rite of Passage

Woman Leaders

Woman is transformative because its leaders are continually being transformed!

I (Amy) get to lead Woman with two fantastic friends.

Wanda VView More: http://andresvalenzuelaphoto.pass.us/woman_2015elez and I have been friends forever and she’s been with Woman from the beginning! She’s the Dean of Students at Nyack College, wife to Luis, and mother of four fantastic children. She’s been training leaders for years, is a transformative leader herself, and knows how to be a good friend.

View More: http://andresvalenzuelaphoto.pass.us/woman_2015

Christina Wolfe
is also a wonderful friend, a former student, and was part of the Woman class of 2012! She works at Girl Scouts and has gone on an intensely transformative journey both physically and spiritually that began in Woman. She loves to tell her story and help others in the journey!

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