YOLO: so don’t do anything stupid 

She told me of a sexual action she took that she knew was probably not the smartest decision. “But YOLO,” she said. 

I was reminded of ROLOs, that yummy caramel center wrapped with milk chocolate. I didn’t get how ROLOs helped her to come to this unwise decision. 

Suddenly needing chocolate and caramel, I asked, “YOLO?”

“Yeah. . . You Only Live Once!”

My mind reeled (must have been low blood sugar), but I’m not that good at responding in the moment so we finished that conversation, both somewhat upset. 

I’d never heard “YOLO” used as an excuse for unwise or reckless behavior. But Urban dictionary is my friend when it comes to communicating with the next generation. Everyone uses YOLO to do something stupid (or maybe just risky, but I’m preferring the former). 

I realize that people want to experience things firsthand. I realize we live in an instant gratification society and it’s all about being in the moment and taking risks.

I actually like taking risks, but I’m against doing stupid things. 

I believe in grace. I thank God for it daily, and I also believe that it, like love, covers a multitude of sins.  Problem is that we often think that what God calls sin makes God a cosmic killjoy (especially what God calls sexual sin). So, we get a moment or several moments of ecstasy in the sin, and then let God’s grace cover it, because, well, YOLO.

I don’t think God’s a cosmic killjoy any more than a car manufacturer is. A car manufacturer gives guidelines and boundaries in the owners’ manual that help the car to live the best and longest life possible. The manufacturer can do that because they made the car and know it best. Same with God—God made us and knows us best, so the guidelines and boundaries are actually for the best life possible, not to kill all joy.

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Yes, it’s true that You Only Live Once. And that is enough reason to make that life worthwhile. Even little, impulsive actions we take change us. When faced with the choice of sinning or not sinning, we sometimes think we will have the same choice tomorrow, so our choice now doesn’t matter so much. We can sin now but make a different choice tomorrow. NOT TRUE!! 

You see, the choice I make to sin today changes me. So, tomorrow when I’m faced with the same choice, I’m not the same person. I’m a person who chose to sin last time and thus will tend to do so again. It’s as if the first sin made a hole in the fence. It’s easy to go through it. 

In the same way, the choice I make to not sin but to follow God today changes me. Tomorrow, when faced with the same choice, I’m not the same person. I’m a person who chose not to sin last time, I’m a God follower, and it will be easier for me not to sin again. The fence is still whole. 

What we do forms who we are. 

What we do forms who we are. Click To Tweet

The choices I make, even seemingly little ones, affect my character and my future. 

Friend, You Only Live Once, so follow God wholeheartedly.

YOLO, so try to live the best life possible.

YOLO, so make your life impactful for the Kingdom. 

YOLO, so make your life impactful for the Kingdom. Click To Tweet

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