Meet Amy

Author of The Book of Womanhood

Founder and director of the Woman Rite of Passage

Writer. Professor of Theology and Bible. Speaker. Ritual Inventor.

Wife. Mom to two boys.

Enjoys campfires, growing things, climbing mountains, and good food with friends.

Adventurer in cities and on trails, a lover of beauty and mentor of potential.

ENTJ, Enneagram 1w2.

Coffee drinker. . . addicted.

As a professor, she’s especially interested in Historical and Systematic Theology, Biblical Worship, Sex and Gender in the Bible, and Rites of Passage. She and her husband love the land of the Bible and they lead trips to Greece to walk the Footsteps of St. Paul.

Amy preaches and teaches for churches, conferences, and other ministries in the United States and internationally. She is passionate about encouraging Christian women to expand the Kingdom of God through the educational program Empower as well as a rite of passage for Nyack College Seniors.

Besides  The Book of Womanhood; her writing has been featured in Everbloom and The Wonder Years, and by Christianity Today, CBE International, Redbud Writers Guild, InterVarsity Fellowship, and Missio Alliance.

Amy’s full name is a mouthful and she knows it. But she can’t let go of any of those names because of their meanings: Amy means Beloved. . . Frances (after her grandma) means  Free One. . . Davis means Beloved.

She’s the Doubly Beloved Free One.

Add Abdallah and it becomes Doubly Beloved Free Servant of God. She’s still learning to live into the identity her names give her.

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